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Pics of L118 Light Gun in service 2000-2004

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Hi all,

Thought some folk may be interested in various pics of equipment/vehicles I took during my time in a TA regiment from 2000-2004 which had a Royal Artillery troop, of which I was a member. Ill post the arty here and the vehicles in the appropriate sections. We were equipped with the L118, initially the original version with the dial sight and then converted to the LINAPS version in 2002, a massive leap forward! During that time I fired some 80 rds of live and marker as well as hundreds of blank (it was the TA after all!) in what was probably the best 4 years of my now 19 year military career.

The pics variously show both versions as well as a few of some ceremonial 25pdrs we borrowed as gate guardians for an event. Also shown are some pics of the Pack Howitzer we had as the gate guardian at our RHQ. My understanding is that this and a number of others was captured during the Falklands (not by our unit) and then issued to RA training units in the UK. Our troop were tasked with repainting it in 2004.

Please excuse the picture quality, these were all taken with disposable cameras, not wanting to risk taking nice ones into the field.


LINAPS version of L118, Warcop ranges in 2004. Note LDU (Layer's Display Unit) on left of gun.

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This was taken at Feldom Ranges, 2004. Look closely and you can see the equipment for the 12.7 or 12.5mm barrel sub munition used as a cheaper way of training the FOO party. They could still watch the fall of shot and adjust, it just didn't cost the same as a 105mm! We had these barrels delivered from Donington and they fitted inside the 105mm barrel and looked not dissimilar to a single shot rifle without a stock. There's a range hulk of something int he background too. I remember we hit it and there was a satisfying flash. Thinking back on it now it would have been better to miss! Note also the power cable from the petrol genny to the battery pack which powered the LINAPS gear.



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Now 2 pics of a c*ck-up. The No1 on this gun detachment (him with hands on hips trying to look in control...) had ordered the gun hitched to the tractor (in this case an RB44) in response to an emergency bug out order. His problems started when he failed to check that the front stays- 2 steel cables connecting the gun to the circular platform on which it rotates, had been detached. Our regular Army Battery Sgt Maj said that in 21 years of service he had never seen such am incident. Incidentally, this was the same No1 who destroyed a cab rear window of another RB44 during another bug out, by hurling the nylon hammer used to remove the large brass wheel nut from the gun into the back of the tractor, and through said window...



Note containers for firing blank 105mm rds.



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