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WC42 Panel Radio Bullet Holes


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In 1983 my Dad bought a wc42 from Grange cavern. It had plenty of bullet holes in it.

Looking through my Dads photos, i found a file of photos of another WC42 in Canada that had been shipped over there from the UK in 1950. This also had plenty of bullet holes in it that the Canadian owner thought must have been from an "eager hunter".

A couple of days ago i started to think these bullet holes may be connected to wc42's ending up at the same location together after the war.

I then remembered my Dad found a wc42 at Mains scrap yard in 1988, so i went looking for the photos to check for bullet holes..... I found it had pleny of them in the side of the body panel.


Is there any known history as to what the British did with their Dodges after the war?

It seems more than a coincidence to me that at least three wc42 panel radio vans were found to be full of bullet holes.

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I remember that WC42 in Mains very well it stood with several Dodge Ambulances in front of which were several Weapons Carriers  one of which is still on the regular show circuit today.   When I first saw the panel van around 1976 it was reasonably complete the rear had a lot of Dodge spares in it at that time. As time went by weather and various yard sort outs took it tole until it finally collapsed into the nettles. 



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I don't think the UK used Dodges as range targets, so I guess the damage was done for real in WW2 or the vehicles were used as a film prop and got 'shot up' by the film props department 

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