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CVRT F107 Scimitar Workshop Manuals


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I am hoping that someone on here maybe able to point me in the correct direction for purchasing relevent service / user / workshop manuals for a CVRT F107 Scimitar.

We have recently purchased this and it needs some time investing tot getting it tidied up.

For now, just needing to work though the steps for starting as we have been told it will run but and has previously been jump started due to a flat battery.

We have now charged up the batteries and have the fuel pump ticking as mentioned on other posts but no relays clicking to run the stater motor. In Neutral so believe it should now just at least try and start when the switch is pulled down to start? (Instrument Cluster is light up after turning the isolator on, and lights come on etc).

Might be we are simply missing pushing something obvious or more likely something a bit more involved! But either way concluded a manual is going to be needed for future work anyway so should start off in the right direction!



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To Start-

turn batt isolator on

turn ign on (little knurled knob in centre of black round lighting switch)

make sure gear indicator is showing 'N' (click gear selector toe down all the way)

pull out protective hood on toggle switch and hold down to start position

starter are notorious for sticking, so may want a ' tap'while holding switch in start pos.

good luck

let us know how you get on

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Thanks for the link and apologies for the delayed reply!

It got parked up for a little bit until I managed to get some time the other weekend to do some more thorough fault finding!

Turns out, after a lot of fiddling and cursing that someone had previously disconnected the gearbox inhibit cables and sorted them together and tucked them away! Just the link under the insulation tape had rattled loose!

Once this was shorted back, it started straight off on the toggle.

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