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Hi I've had my logbook sent back three times now by DVLA I have two motorcycles both in my name one was brought as I doner bike I want to swap the engine over on one which is just a rolling chassis they are bike from the eighties I've have owned theses for about 10 years now And DVLA wont change the engine number what can I do to resolve this issue as I dont want to have to take the engine back out as I want to put it on the road any help would be much appreciated 

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Personally I don't see a problem with it but I realise 'where they are coming from' regarding bike thefts and everything that goes with it.  The DVLA website states

  • a receipt for the replacement engine
  • written evidence from the manufacturer
  • an inspection report provided for insurance purposes
  • written confirmation on headed paper from a garage (if the change took place before you bought the vehicle)'

So in effect you need the old receipt from ten years ago from when you bought the bike.  I am guessing you might not have it?  Perhaps you might be able to 'find' an old one?   Even the handwritten one from the mate you bought it from might be enough, especially if it gives the frame number and engine number?

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