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Special Communications Unit 1943 Dodge WC54 NOW SOLD!!

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I have a Dodge WC54 that is a fresh nuts and bolts, body off, complete professional restoration.  This has been completed as a Bletchley Park Special Communications Unit vehicle as deployed by BP to handle "Ultra" intelligence, manned by British military personnel and attached to General Patton's Army in Normandy and on to Germany.  Dodges were used to blend in and similar units were attached to Montgomery's outfit, using British trucks.  The truck and equipment is all as per detailed published descriptions and as shown in a display board in the garage at Bletchley, although they do not have a vehicle.  Which is why this one was due to be exhibited there through 2020 as part of their D-Day exhibition; all fallen through due to COVID.  It has a V5c, runs and drives although will need commissioning as it has only done a couple of miles before being stored away.  Basically looks like a new truck and has been gone through mechanically, bodywork, rewired, rebuilt engine, brakes, etc, etc.  I have a full photo record of the restoration.  At this stage I am just sounding out interest but if I can find a good home, ideally with someone who will carry on this unique project, then I will sell at a sensible price.  PM me if interested.

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Very nice (probably way outside my budget)

Have you got some photos of the interior ? as it would be good to know how it is fitted out



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Richard, the cab is fitted as standard WC54 ambulance and the load area is stripped out - as was done by BP technicians, adding just a radio table behind the cab seats.  Everything was free standing and I have the correct radios and ancillary gear (these are all special equipment used by Bletchley Park), including 30' aerial and 'Tiny Tim' battery charger.  As part of the resto', the damaged load area lining was stripped out together with the cardboard insulation and replaced with modern insulation sheet and covered with thin marine ply so that it looks like the original but is more durable.  This is the inside part way through the work. The equipment and layout is as per the descriptions provided by the actual Royal Signals operators concerned.


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