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my next jeep

Jerry Jeep

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so now i have finished steviem jeep for him and some time before the next one comes in i have started with my next jeep a very late ford gpw that has the exhaust out the back  no fuel filter on the bulk head and a load of other late parts that i have in stock first started with the front axle needs a new crown wheel and pinion fitting the ford springs that i reset and the back axle that i did some time back all the best jerry






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Its has been a a bit slow working on my jeep as i had a engine rebuild that came in last thing but today its back to it and finished off the front axle crown wheel and paint it and fit it in the jeep next job is to  blast and paint the rest of the bits and fit brakes, pipes  and steering also had anther jeep come in to be rebuilt its fitted with a t90 gearbox i don't know if we will keep it  time will tell some of the work has already been done front bumper guests and back tow frame    







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This week end got some time to work on my jeep breaks and pipes and rebuilt the ford steering box need to blast the rest of the f axle bits and finish off then its mock up an engine and gearbox so i can make the deep mud exhaust out the back only way to do this without getting one shipped from the good old USA at a lot of $$$ is make one from an m38 pipe set i have made one before this way and it works out ok a bit of cutting and welding   







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Been down at Malvern show this weekend and what a pair of finds a nice fat ford back prop and a ford wing black out lamp in its box working so this week coming i am going to finished the gear box and t.case repaint the frame and fit the transmission then i am going to restore a ford body will put up some photos tomorrow   

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what a first class show at Malvern show last weekend and some great finds for my next jeep a big thanks to Matthew Hallett for the usmc /us navy tie down rings first class also picked up ford fat back prop and ford wing black out lamp for not a lot with 2 late light switch,  been working on my next jeep will fit gear boxes to the frame with usmc  tie down rings and cow horns  then its engine re bore and regrind crank 






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