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RAF WW2 Military Vehicle Markings


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Hello Everyone,
Happy Friday!
I am looking at WW2 RAF vehicle markings and specifically the marking on the front (driver’s side) fender as seen on the RAF Bedford Truck in the attachments. These markings seem to have typically consisted of a letter, followed by a slash and then followed by a number.
I’ve attached a couple of examples that I have come across - does anyone happen to have any information about what these markings are referring to? 
Also, if I was on a fighter air base, does anyone know what this marking would look like? Would it be "F / *insert vehicle number*"?


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Dear All,

So I understand when RAF vehicles, were allocated to a unit, they were marked with the Command and Group letter / number. So we are used to seeing say B/6 for 6 Group Bomber Command on an RAF refueller. But in the list of Commands 'S' stood for Colonel Turners Department (Camouflage & Decoy Services).

So what explanation is there for S on this AEC based in the Azores?

AEC Matador and Dak in Azores.jpg

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