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German (Oper) Police Car 1940


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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to pinpoint what kind of car would have been driven by the German Ordnungspolizei (or the Oper) during the Second World War. I've found a few images on the German archive which I've attached.. does anyone know what kind of car/truck these are? Many of these were taken in occupied territory, as I understand militarised Oper battalions were dispatched to newly occupied territory to enforce order. With this in mind, would we say these cars still accurate for Germany? 

What about Opel cars? Did the German Police use Opel? If so, do we know what models for 1943ish?  





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9 minutes ago, John F said:

Just for correctness, the Ordnungspolizei was abbreviated in the typically Teutonic way to Orpo (OrdnungsPolizei), not "Oper" (which means "opera") 🙂

You're not wrong!! Silly me. Thank you!

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