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Yep certainly rare in Australia, good work Andrew.

Stand to be corrected by our US friends but the 'Standard B Liberty 3 ton' truck" was the generic label for those  trucks that the USA government contracted  to 72 different manufacturers to a standard design in 1917;. . The design was entirely new to avoid entanglements regarding patents held by various manufacturers. Inevitably there were detail differences between each factory. More than 13,000 shipped overseas  and as many for internal use. Usually wood wheels 

source Flash and Fizzle - Rise and Fall of replublic truck Co

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Dunno where the pics went Andrew, I assume Ive seen it on Facebook. Looks like you have a pretty complete Liberty B there now. 

This forum is very good, but its not high volume, so patience is needed with respect to interest or comment.

Typically I visit approx once a week, not because I have no interest, but rather because I do, but if I visited daily there would generally be little to see. 

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