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Radio gear w.t.f. - you tell me, valise with thingy contents

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Mystery kit  ?                      I would be interested to know ,  no markings , no clues.   Does look very WD  ,   WW2 era  ?

May be suitable for  1:1  diorama ,  BUT  seems only a part of ?

Tree-wood parts  - n o dry-rot or wood-worm ,  white on canvas may look like mildew , but canvas is dry & sound.

Among some stuff , asked to dispose of by a Show/Autojumbler  - sickened off scene by Covid-19

If interested - make me an offer  £   ,  collection mid-Wearddale  or you pay  £  shipping.









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Yes -  you have me convinced -  ground station for a man-portable to get more aerial sections up to improve Tx/Rx .  The sections are very slender & light , I think for back-packing ?    It is the spigot ends that have me  ?   possibly some sort of bayonet fitting collector to hold the top firm to mount the antenna on. 

Possibly the sort of equipment that few survived  ?

I think would need a separate earth as the guy ropes & wood sections would not give any continuity.

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33 minutes ago, gordonb said:

I'm thinking something more like cam net supports, not radio related.


Yes - that would better account for the spigot ends - possibly   ?

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