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AFV headgear ?


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I think I have seen these worn by such as Scorpion crew  ?

One has a slight rust stain - should brush off.    Goggles are OK.

Among some stuff I was asked to dispose of by a  Show / Autojumbler - sickened off scene by Covid-19

If you are interested - make me an offer £   collection mid-Weirddale or shipping at your £ cost.









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I am sure someone will have a parts catalogue matching a description to the stock number but I think this might be an aircrew item.  On a website selling flying clothing they have a "RAF Type G Flying Helmet". It has a similar 22c/xxxx code

We wore them when flying in Chipmunks many years ago in the Air Cadets.  The oxygen mask was used without a hose and the switch is for the intercom.  They were worn under a bone dome.

All the bone domes, I recall, were silver in colour and not always a snug fit.  The mask hung from one side of the cloth helmet.  We were advised not to hook the mask on as the smell was not very pleasant, but just to lift the mask into place and work the switch when we had to speak to the pilot.  Our bone domes never had a visor fitted.



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Hi  ,  the person whom I am trying to dispose of , he had done a search of RAF equipment & drew a blank.  Actually he lives nearer to a seller of uniforms , medals & all militaria than I  ,  probable he would best take them there for best opinion  ?   Yes - the oxygen supply did make me wonder , goggles do have that "open-cockpit" look ,   am aware much RAF kit is coloured green. 

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