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Looking for Austin K5 enthusiasts/ owners for information


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Hi chaps,

well, I bought the Austin K5 and now have a thousand questions and ‘wants’.

The project needs finishing and it’s mainly the wooden floor and body.

The first things (once delivered) are to aquire the maintenance manual (there’s one on Ebay but £195??) and to find someone with a K5 that I could use/ visit to look at the body and chassis rails to get the spacing correct.

I also need to register it with DVLA but at the moment, only have the reg No. to go on until I try and locate some numbers.

The reg No is PVJ 445 and I have included a photo of it in 2009, abandoned and the current condition as bought.

Many thanks in advance guys.








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Yes, it’s just finishing that needs doing.

It runs and drives lovely so the main thing is the body, which I’ll try and source a wooden floored flatbed from a lorry breakers for.

I’m initially looking for information on the floor cross beams and their spacing to start the floor.


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wat with searching for manuals! You have to first check the chassis number and set up the contract! After then you can find corect manual 😉


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Posted (edited)


Are you saying different chassis numbers have different maintenance manuals?

I have 3 that came with the lorry. One of them is for a 3 ton K3 4x2 so it’s clearly the wrong one. The other two are:

  • Instructions for dismantling & re-assembling LORRY 3-Ton 4x4, K5 General Service Airportable.
  • Drivers handbook for Lorry, 3 ton 4x4, AT Portee and General Service (covers K5/YU, K5YW, K5YN, K5/ZD, K5/ZK)


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17 minutes ago, Meekumslr said:

That’s what I thought… the same as the Drivers Handbook.

It says on the front cover that it covers K5/ ZD (GS with split cab).

Yes, there are very little differences, as you say, the split cab is one and there are some with waterproof brake servos, but all types are covered in the book I mentioned.

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