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"Stolen" Lightweight L/R reported on eBay


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This would need a 'software chase'  -  back to the root  & this is the  MOD  'Release Note'  and receipt from accredited auctioneers /  MVS Disposals / Sale by Invited Tender.  Then  - sequential of any subsequent receipts.

On the  - Hardware  -   Engineers report &  "Expert Opinion"  by someone competent in such matters, that may cost a few £££. 

On the subject of  DVLA  Swansea and V5 issue , I can only suggest you read what  Daniel J. Beddowes  had to say in his book - instigation and requirement(s) of the EU  , (the V5 is just a aid to possessory ) that may be true or just fiction.


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Dec. 2012 dated , but gives you details of procedures ,  there has been changes since - such as some category of  'write-offs' - where previously the vehicle to obtain a V5C needed a  VIC  (Vehicle Identity Check) , since October 2015 - no need for any roadworthy inspection , so not even a basic VIC.

Of course much is the game of the Registered  KEEPER  ,  not the true legal owner ,  you don't think the lease and hire companies register in one of their business names  ?   ,  that was / is a taxable bonus for the wives of the directors.



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