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Canadian Army Ferrets

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width=640 height=417http://bcoy1cpb.pacdat.net/20%25%20Ferret%2054-82598%20at%20Crown%20Surplus%20c2005%20Paul%20Loerke%20photo%20-%20Front.jpg[/img] My Ferret sitting in surplus yard in 2005 before I bought it. Fellow in driver's seat is a friend.


I own an ex-Canadian Army Ferret, Canadian Army Registration (CAR) Number

54-82598 (formerly 36 BA 66) hull # 392.B.5.4 (#392 build date May 1954)


I am researching all 124 Canadian Army Ferrets that served between 1954 and 1981.


I wish to contact owners of ex-Canadian Ferrets and former crew members. I wish to find photos and documents about them in service and as they are now. My main wants are:

1. ORIGINAL Ferret manuals (I have photocopies) especially the 1953 Provisional Operator's Manual)

2. Photos and info on MY Ferret 54-82598

3. Lists of Canadian Ferrets by CAR/CFR number that were with United Nations Emergency Force in Sinai (Egypt (UNEF 1 from 1957 onwards) (ideally with cross-reference of the CAR/CFR # to the UNEF numbers that were assigned to each one) and with 4 CMBG in West Germany (1960s-1970s)


I have web pages listing all 124 Cdn Ferrets and I am recording photos of each vehicle in service and as they are now and where each one is located. My main page on the Ferrets is at



Thank you

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