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Colin MacGregor Stevens in BC, Canada

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My name is Colin MacGregor Stevens and I live near Vancouver. British Columbia, CANADA.


I have been in the military vehicle preservation hobby since 1977 and am member 954 of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). I am also a Charter member of the Western Command Military Vehicle Historical Society in BC and was founding chairman of two other chapters in Canada.


My prime interests are:

1. Military jeeps, especially WWII and all mil jeeps used by Canada.

2. Welbike

3. BSA airborne bicycle

4. Ferret Scout Car

5. Canadian produced mil vehicles (CMP, MCP, armour, SMP etc.)

6. Military vehicle markings


I am writing a book about the Ferret in Canadian military service and have a book on Canadian WWII jeeps in draft form.


My collection at the moment consists of:


* 1942 BSA airborne bicycle (all original, missing only pump)

* 1943 Welbike Mk. II airborne folding motorcycle (all original and complete)

* 1944 Willys MB jeep (ex-British 1 Airborne Division; ex-Norwegian military)

* 194? Jeep trailer

* 1953 M100CDN jeep trailer (all original; ex- Seaforth Highlanders of Canada and Royal Westminster Regiment)

* 1954 Ferret Mk. I 36 BA 66 >>>> 54-82598 [ex-Combat Arms School at CFB Gagetown and later Lord Strathcona's Horse Redgiment (Royal Canadians)]


Other vehicles I have owned before include a variety of CMPs (8 Cwt and 15 Cwt); a variety of jeeps (1942 slat grille and stamped grille script Canadian contract MBs; 1942 MB-BRT British contract script; 1943 Ford GPW; 1942 Ford GPA amphibious jeep; 1952 M38CDN jeep; 1967 M38A1CDN2); several 1942-3 BSA airborne bikes; a second 1943 Welbike Mk. II.


I served in the cadets and military (reserves) for many years in the lower ranks and then as an officer, ending up as a Captain in the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. On civy street I am the Manager of the city owned "New Westminster Museum and Archives".


My web site is at http://bcoy1cpb.pacdat.net

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Welcome Colin, you aren't by any chance the one who has done the web site on the Airborne Biycycle? I have one as well, rate fuel is going over here it'll be the only one I can afford to run soon. So we will have to start a campain for a bike shed at the club house. The 'Green' side of the Green machine. :roll:

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My book "The Ferret Scout Car in Canadian Service" came out in December 2009. It is published by Service Publications in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is the only book currently in print about the Ferret. It is available from http://www.servicepub.com (who accept credit cards) or through the author (myself). If ordering from me, one may purchase by PayPal to seaforth72@gmail.com or by International Money Order. No extra charge for an autograph or inscription.

Canada: 1 book Canada $13.00; 2 books $23.75


USA: 1 book USA $14.50; 2 books USA $27.70


International: 1 book International. $17.75; 2 books International. $31.00



In answer to an earlier question, yes I am the one who has a lot of info on the BSA airborne bicycles on my web site at http://bcoy1cpb.pacdat.net/bsa_airborne_bicycles_(aka_parabike).htm I presently have three in my collection (one early model and two late models) .


In answer to another question, yes I know John Marchant - pioneer collector of ex-Canadian MVs in the UK - though we have never met.

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