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Simms Magnetos

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I don't seem to be having a lot of luck with Magnetos!  What I need is an SR4LE.   Anti-clock rotation.   

Studying various pics online some SR4LEs appear to be clock-wise, some anti-clockwise.  How can this be, surely Simms settled on rotation direction when giving it a part number?   And yet there seems to be many examples of SR4LEs with either rotation and the same part number.   A friend suggested they have had their oil lids changed at some point.   I cannot believe they have all had their oil lids swapped for ones with the arrow (direction of rotation) pointing in the wrong direction.  This seems too improbable for me.

I recently bought one online, via ebay of the correct designation and rotation. Hurrah!   Sadly it was stolen in transit and an empty box delivered for my trouble.   Boo Hoo.    The next one to pop up on ebay was pretty dirty/dusty and thus it was not possible to see the arrow on the oil lid, but was a bargain at 14.99.  I like bargains.    It arrived today, not stolen.  Hurrah!  and it works.. . Hurrah, again.   the only trouble is it is a rogue SR4LE that has clockwise rotation (I could not see this in the photos).  Boo Hoo, again.

Anyone got ideas on these ruddy magnetos, and why the problems I experienced regarding different rotations for the same part number?  Anyone got a spare SR4LE they want to sell (anti-clock), and finally the punchline:   I have bought so many Simms products, I am in danger of becoming a Magneto Magnet!  I will get my coat.  Tonight's beer is Gluten Free IPA, I shall pour it anti-clockwise.   



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Greetings S & F!

The direction is set to suit the vehicle at hand. Ours are all clockwise except the Dennis which is anti-clockwise. The magneto can be reversed by moving the cam in the contact breaker and the correct holes should already be there. When you get it rebuilt, ask the man to reverse the rotation for you.

Even if your mag works, I would highly recommend getting it looked at as a poor mag can spoil your day in no short order, especially first time you try to start your rebuilt engine!

Good luck!

Steve  🙂

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G'day S & F,

The cam plate in magneto is what sets the rotation for either clockwork or anti clockwork rotation.  Find an anticlockwise cam plate and your problem is solved. It might be easier and a lot cheaper than buying and shipping a complete magneto. As Old Bill says, get the maggy rebuilt before you fit it.  My 1924 Studebaker magneto had a fat blue spark but only after 2 hours running had given up the ghost completely and is now being rebuilt.  Good luck with the hunt.

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