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Euro 3

Bob Grundy

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I have done a bit of exporting in the last 30 years but with quite old stuff. I have a 2007 VW EURO 3 engined Pinzguar which is destined for the USA. I have asked VW themselves but for some reason they do not know or perhaps they just cannot be bothered to assist....

Does anyone have a definative answer, I have tried the various US websites but there is no mention of Euro 3.

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Importing engines in any form to the USA is a brutal process if you do not have the required documentation.

The EPA has a lot of information available here https://www.epa.gov/importing-vehicles-and-engines

Having experienced exporting from Canada into the US I can tell you there is only way standard, theirs, at the time you send it. Fail to comply and everything stops.

Good luck




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