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wartime finish BSA ladies bicycle.


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Hi all, picked up the above bike a while ago with intention of refurbing and maybe passing it on but have realised a lot of its parts may be the same as the para bike. Wheels, brake grips, handle bars, crank etc  seem to be right. Am I wasting my time for someone just to strip it afterwards.

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Hi Phil.

This is a common problem in bicycle collecting circles, 'girls' bikes are not as desireable as 'boys' bikes, and even really good examples get broken for parts.

What it boils down to is this:

If you want to keep it, then restore it. Don't worry about what happens next.

If you don't want to restore it, then sell it on Ebay or somesuch site. Make your thoughts (and pictures) on parabike compatability obvious. Sell it as a complete item, and that way the new owner can decide whether to restore or break it.

I have restored stripped bikes, and it's a frustrating thing, a lot of effort I will never get value on, but I accept the reality of that in the same way as many on here who perform miracles on basket cases.

Best Regards,



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