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24V FFR series 3 wiring

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Hi all

I have a 24V FFR, with the generator and shunt box on the bulkhead and an additional box in the rear tub with red and black screw down connectors. I want to wire up some USB charging sockets. My question is, can I connect up directly (via a fuse) to the rear tub box. Thanks in advance. 

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Always best to state the  military  VRM  (registration for road)  / vehicle age.  You may have a later  90A  genny (transistorized) set-up.  This affects position of genny panel & shunt etc.

The RED and BLACK  screw own connections (knurl plastic knobs)  are your Radio Station connection terminals - therefore at 24 volt.  I assume you are after a smooth 12 volt connection  NOT  24 volt , in that case the drain will be light - I would just connect with a in-line fuse to one of the starting batteries.

Often , most often - these  RED and BLACK knobs are missing important thingies ,  a guard / retaining plate for the terminals - if you have just a couple of threaded studs protruding  from the box , then best to guard or you may end up welding  !


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