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Thanks for letting me jion the group

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Has anyone analysed the sequence of inspection stamps on Coventry Triumph engines ? The numbers were unique to an individual inspector and it may be possible to get an idea from when these 5S engines were inspected, based on the same stamp on WD serial-stamped 3SW engines such as this one.


Triumph 3SW C63511.jpg

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On Jan's compiled list of 21 Triumph (Coventry) stampings, all but one of the 3S and 5S engines, the inspector was number 68. Ron

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I have done a lot of comparative work on the Stamping of triumph engines and frames . Initially it was to understand my own bike . But as I have viewed other bikes in particular triumphs it's allowed me to gain a real understanding of the stamps and tell tales on a bike .

Post war Triumph had a manufacturing success and new Triumphs were in high demand this meant dealers purchased old army triumphs and gave them a new paint job and new lease of life.. Bikes particularly the 3s were often 're engined with 500cc 5s Engines or 3HW engines .. 

At this point many frame and engine numbers were altered to hide the bikes military history

..roll on to today and as military bikes are more valuable . I see frequent alteration of Frame numbers and engine numbers to create a fake military bike .. 

What I have come to realise is that if you want an undiscovered military bike .. The bikes to look at are the immediate post war bikes.. Those registered in 1946/47/48 and even into the fifties as bikes dropping out of service were disposed of and often 're registered.




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OK, but the one I restored in Holland is not on there, but I don't know the details anymore, except it came from north west France.

I can investigate, but will take time, same for pictures, must have some non digital ones.


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