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Wakefield bisector grease

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Wakefield was the original maker of Castrol. There are lots of brake grease products about and just for example here is a link showing TRW brake grease https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-143015-trw-brake-grease-pfg110.aspx

I have a tin of Lockheed expander grease which came form a local motor factor. What ever you do, DO NOT use this in wheel cylinders. There is a special rubber grease for lubricating seal and stopping corrosion in the ends of the cylinders.


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Some of the modern brake grease is rubber friendly as used in modern calliper sliders and assemblies, would recommend checking the label or looking up the specs on the Internet.  You should find each types potential uses and limitations. 

The most common mistake I see is copper grease used with rubber components, which very quickly turns rubber to mush.

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