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Fuel tanks on your FV


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Hey all, 

I am looking around online at different fuel tank repair options, forgive me if this is in the wrong area Ill happily move it but thought as it is generic I would post in this area. 

I am currently repairing my fuel tank due to damage in my 434, and maybe I am being overly paranoid but because I never ever ever want to take this thing back out I want to make sure when it goes back that it has as much work done to it now so it can live in there quite happily. 

I have come across this thing called fuel tank "Re-Nu". (https://www.fueltanks.co.uk/) It advertises on there they have done classic vehicles, to sherman fuel tanks, DAF drops and jeeps. I am just wondering has anyone come across this before or had it done to their fuel tanks?

What are you experiences? Would you recommend it? 

Let me know, thank you.


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I think a more base question that many have come to ask is why do we need fuel tanks that large for the amount usage we as civilian owners use our vehicles for?

So far I have been involved in the cleaning and archiving of two vehicle fuel tanks, a Ferret and a Land Rover 1 tonne Forward control and fitting smaller remote fuel sources in a sympathetic way that does not deface the original kit and is quite discrete and allows smaller quantities of fuel to be carried and when usage is over that fuel to be cycled through other higher usage transport to use it up rather than becoming turpentine and problem. The change has been tremendous for two rarely used vehicles.

I have it in mind, after the acquisition of an extra fuel tank for a Ferret, to open up the extra fuel tank and have it modified internally to be a smaller reservoir and have a drain system integral to that. That for me will be the deluxe level, as nothing externally will be visible. The ease of use will be the maximum it can be. The original tank will be archived and kept so it is all reversible. No new holes and nothing welded on.

I am saying all of this as I think this is the root cause of many poor running vehicles that people are overlooking or refuse to admit exists.

Good clean fuel and well maintained batteries are such solid cornerstones of good mechanical reliability and performance.

My opinion, doesn't have to be yours.








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Thanks for the reply, this is something I have looked into doing, putting in a smaller tank replacing the fuel pump to a modern equivalent but have decided against it, as much as the fuel quantity is large, the farm where I keep my vehicle does fully intend to use it as a working vehicle to help them out, which also makes my rent cheaper! 

But for the sakes of my limited fabrication skills etc I decided to follow down this route and just trying to future proof myself until the time comes to fully sort out my fuel tank and replace with a newer alternative. 

Ive got full new filters and lines going in to ensure that the new supply of diesel is at the best it can be!  

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I've used a similar product (Por15) on 3 tanks over the last 10 years.

The first tank failed about two weeks ago and I'm replacing the tank as once the sealant is installed it basically can never be removed, which means you can re-seal the tank.

Of the other two, one was de-commissioned after two year sand may still be perfect.

The last one is still motoring along but is only 3 year sold.

Would I use it again? most likely no.  I'd rather have a new tank built professionally as it would be cheaper and easier in the end.

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