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Box of bits 3HW project

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Hi everyone,

New to the forum and quite amazed my the info in here. I have been given my Dad’s old 3HW ‘box of bits’ which I have set myself the challenge of making back into a functioning and well restored motorbike. Let’s just say it’s had a very hard life, been in bits for at least 25 years snd is not complete. I’m also new to motorbikes though an experienced old Landy owner snd modifyer. I’m working my way through the 3HW posts which contain a wealth of answers to question I have but by way of introduction I’ve attached some pictures.

I’m in need of so many bits so if anyone has pieces around that would be great to hear. Off the top of my head these include:

New fork spring, steering damper components, spring damper spring washer and hand wheel, carburettor, mud guards, both front and rear brake arms (the lever on the wheel hubs), a 1” handlebar, brake and clutch levers, throttle grip, handlebar mounts.

Yes I know it is a lot. Good job I’m pretty good at machining.........






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Hi Fred . Welcome to the. Forum great looking project .probably a great way to start and give you some inspiration is to give you some history on the bike. If you look at the seatpost you should have a frame date in the form TE0844...also ok should have a visible.frame number on the frame front prefixed TL..

The engine will be stamped.3HE and have an engine number plus potentially a number beginning with C

Please.share photos of these areas.as.we can use them to give you some history and possibly the number the bike would have had on its tank in the war.

Also if you have Any history on where the bike came from that would be great.

I would recommend taking photos of  the bike in detail before you  begin restoration and o c.f. That photo log is complete get some anti rust treatment e.g.  kurust onto any active rust and stabilise these areas ..it's always worth getting some into the frame at this early stage...

Everyone has favourite strategies on how to restore a bike and what order to do  complete a restoration ....personally I would.start with the engine ...

Good quality replacement parts are the challenge of any restoration ..be patient and avoid Indian components their quality can be very poor ..

Don't be afraid to ask questions 



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As a starting point Amal have produced a small number of replacement carbs a good option as a lot of the original ones are heavily worn and can cause issues 





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Blimey that is mighty observant. Indeed the bike has a chequered history and indeed the engine and box are 1939 3H. I’m afraid I am not going to win any accolades from from those who like it 100% original. 

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No worries, just noticed, had a Tiger 80 many years ago, it's still around, the new owner is going to let me have a ride soon! It's still in it's original paint, but had lot's of technical issues after standing still for 20 years.


1939 Triumph 350 kk T 80 ph 2 .JPG

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You should start with acquiring a parts book and a maintenance manual. However there will not be a one shop stop for Triumph singles spares. Individual parts and overhaul facilities will have to be sourced through the internet or asking through these forums. These Triumph parts are harder to come by than most other makes in my experience.

As far as bearings are concerned, they will all have numbers stamped on them, which can then usually be matched by a good bearing company.......Not quite as easy when it comes to other engine parts I'm afraid and wheel bearings for these are almost obsolete, so sometimes alternatives have to be found and modifications made.


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