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Dear All,

The REME Museum's Conqueror ARV is fitted with an engine that looks like a Jaguar J60.  In fact it is a car engine with an automatic gear-box!  We had no PTO for the tank and the engine allows the winch to work at all.  One of the front rubber engine mountings is broken.  Unfortunately, I do not know if it is from the car or it is a proper Jaguar J60 part.

Photos of the part are below.  Any help would be much appreciated.





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Dear Chris,


Thank you so much.  On order within 26 hours.  What a forum!

I have a few other tasks on the J60 winch engine.  It was never very good at cold starting and the 'choke' seemed to do nothing.  (not having a standard oil bath filter cannot help).  A previous thread covered this and I will replace some diaphragms and see if that secures an improvement.  There was something 'not quite right' with the distributor drive where I have replaced the civvy dizzy with a J60 electronic ign one. It was a purely a potential mechanical reliability problem.   A little problem with the exhaust manifold connection to the down pipe will be easily solved.

The most interesting problem with the winch engine concerns the oil sump pan of the auto gear box.  Whilst in storage I knew I had an oil leak but did not understand from where it came. I found that all the sump pan screws were loose!  So far as I can see, the gasket material has decomposed as it just gets squeezed out as I tighten the screws.  I will replace the gasket and see how that works.  Like the Meteor, I will run it up on the bench before  fitting it back into the tank.

It is so nice to be able be able to complete some work on an engine in about two weeks rather than the two years that the Meteor engine took. 

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