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Re  engine mounts:-  4" square Australian hardwood would offer no flex whatsoever. There are 3 holes in the sub chassis at each of the four corner locations where those angle iron brackets could have been located. The top of the sub frame of mine sits just below the main frame. It appears there has been some mischief about both rear gearbox mounts on the subframe and I have deduced that there were fatigue cracks repaired by removal of offending portion of sub rail and a piece of formed angle iron inserted under, with a washer to pack it up to original level. On that thinking the engine mounts may have also cracked through, prompting the timber repair.

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I just remembered I have a copy of 'The Book of the Thornycroft" by "Auriga' sitting patiently on the shelf since 2006. As it covers the WD J model with M4 engine it is a useful reference to identify differences of the 2013 model variant. It also includes the faults which required re-design between 1914 and 1917. On the subject of engine mounts there was clearly trouble related to chassis flex which was addressed with the 3 point engine mount just described. However, this modification caused misalignment between crankshaft and gear input shaft causing various calamities including fractured crankshaft. The subsequent, and successful, modification was to mount the engine rigidly on the sub-frame which was then fixed at a central point only at the front. (similar to American practice at the time.)

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