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camcorder to dvd



I have some footage on my camcorder from decades ago that I wanted to put on DVD but the software I used to use isn't compatible with windows 10. I'm use to sending my footage to specialists (www.supaphoto.com was the latest I believe) but I wanted to try doing it myself again. I have no idea how the process works and it's probable really simple but if anyone could help me with reliable software or a step by step on how this works it would be greatly appreciated :)

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Rather than going straight to the PC I have always recorded to a DVD recorder then copied the DVD into the PC to edit, title etc. The best DVD resolution is 1 hour per DVD. How much longer before the losses are noticeable depends on the source. If VHS / 8mm I found 2 hours on a DVD looked the same as 1 hour.

Even from miniDV where the end requirement was DVD I took the same path. My DVD recorder was a Pioneer with a DV input rather than having to use SVHS. For Hi8 with a Digital8 camcorder that will play Hi8 the same route could be taken

I've no idea about Windows 10 compatible software, if I had to do this again I'd fire up my XP machine.

I did try an admittedly relatively cheap Dazzle USB device and the result from even mediocre VHS looked far worse the original.


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