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Collection assistance required

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Hello Fellow Members!

I have a couple of packages to be collected from Bristol. to come to the Ashford, Kent area.

Because they are heavy for post services. & the nature of the contents, Normal postal methods are expensive & in most cases not usable.

Each parcel is easily handled by one person.

I am obviously happy to help with fuel costs.     Can anyone help at all please?



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I've tracked you down on this thread because I  wanted to ask you a question about an old thread that's now closed.  I'm in a different world (I'm an installation artist)  but I'm also 'making' barbed wire.  In the past I've used the Flints wire and removed all the barbs.  I then create my own wire by twisting strands together as I need it to be straight rather than coiled.  I then cut the ends off the plastic barbs and reattach them to my own wire.  I see you were playing a similar game but you mention a brand of wire that I just can't find.  I think you say it's called Vitek but I haven't been able to track it down  It's the stuff with the barbs in two sections.   I'd really appreciate a steer on what it is and where to find it.   

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Vitek was the plastic wire & barbs that I used.

I removed the barbs, & hot glued them onto Metal, twin twisted wire.

You need MALABLE galvanised wire in twin twist form.

I have a LOAD of the Vitek Barbs left for sale if you need any?

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