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Submerged Signal Ejector


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I think this is a naval Submerged Signal Ejector  control room display - from a submarine.

The front has S.S.E.S. as well as Aft and Forward and a small window to show a rotating disc.


Submerged Signal Ejectors were small torpedo type tubes fitted to submarines for evasion and safety identifcation etc.


The discs are shown on the rear - which I think are the original paint and markings - showing  Bubble Decoy, Grenades and Candles in differing colours/fuzes as well as drain down etc.

On the inner side they appear to have been hand repainted for slightly different ordnance. I assume this to be a later modification.

The front plate and discs are made of brass. The discs are 3.5 inches in diameter.

Given the colours of the flares, the grenades in yellow/red and green and  the bubble decoy can anyone propose an age and/or submarine class that these may have been used on ?

I assume that the buuble decoy dates from late war onwards. 

I know that SSE were fitted to RN, RCN, RAN, RNZN and USN vessels with english text as well as subsequent owners. Up until the most recent vessels. That it is not painted Royal Navy Grey suggests it is older.

No provenance except it came from a barn in Hampshire

Thanks for any assistance.



SSE face.jpg

sse rear.jpg

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FYI the Canadian O class submarines had SSE - as shown here.


Under the pyrotechnics it mentions deep white and shallow white - which is what is written on the newer  hand painted side. That would suggest that this was in use at the time of the O class but originally pre dates it i.e. 50's. 

I cannot yet find any mention of SSE in the A class boats such as the Alliance.

The U boats first started bubble decoys in 42 and I cant see any mention of RN use until post war.

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