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Series 2A lightweight landrover grill

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There are abt.  3 different  S2A  'inverted T'  grille  ,  however the  Rover 1  S2A  grille is dimension unique to that vehicle.   I normally count the squares  -  basically  for easy I.D.  - the top is wider.

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16 minutes ago, MartinN said:

Do they all fit or do I need a specific one? If so how do I tell which is which.

Only the correct one is suitable , others would look stupid (I should have a note of the Part No.)     I will try & photograph a Rover 1 /S2A  grille - this afternoon with a tape measure across top  &  possibly two civvy inverted T types for comparison ,  I have a Rover 10/11 type  (only difference  - no hole for bonnet release) - no access to that vehicle just now.   ISTR there are other minor dims. IIRC the main difference is across top - two extra squares  =  abt. ".1/2" greater.

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