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Looking for information on my new vehicle?

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Hi, I've not long bought a Land Rover Series 2a Ambulance which I am going to restore. I would like to see if I can find some history on it. I've looked about and there is only 2 pictures that I can find on Google that resembles my vehicle. In both of these pictures the vehicles are Royal Navy. Any information would be great. Thanks Charlotte 



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The two photographs you display - are they your vehicle  ?   IIRC at this time-line there were three coachworks doing ambulance conversions . There are a few differences that can determine.

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Note - the front screen(s)  are a Lomax feature , the optional  'de-luxe' dished bonnet gets the tyre lower to further improve vision.   NB  tthe  "Toastie"  grille , that does not mean it was for certain for rectifier protection although the stacked side-lamps does indicate more MOD spec.

The Lomax body style to me has more boxy lines than the alternative Pilcher (Pilcher Green)  or Wadham Stringer.   The Marshall Ambi. was designed more for Army offroad.    Although  ISTR the RAF Mountain  Rescue did use the alternative(s) to Marshall. 

Notice the roof yellow paint under flaking white ,  that does indicate  RAF  although I suppose  also Fleet Air Arm bases.

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