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If you look at the second photo it bolts up tight against the end of the rack, I left a small gap so you could clearly see the bracket. The 1st photo shows the bracket in close up. The right angle bit that pivots is actually leather covered in leather (at the moment covered in masking tape) so I think it supports the gun/weapon. The bracket seems to extend the length of weapon it can  hold? I think I am correct in saying that the standard jeep gun rack holds an M1, Thompson or Garrand?


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French Hotchkiss adapter ??

Is the rack an original? I’ve recently purchased what was advertised as an original gun rack, it’s still in the post at the moment so I can’t compare anything , from what I’ve read in other blogs it’s difficult to tell the difference between original, French and repo as they aren’t any markings.

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Thanks Chris. At last, someone else has one. The only difference on mine is that it has leather and not webbing as a pad so am still wondering whether it might be post war. I can also read the part number on mine.

At least it sounds like they were used in WW2


SW adapter.1.jpeg

SW adapter.3.jpeg

SW adapter.2.jpeg

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That number almost looks like an NSN which were introduced in 1974 I think. However 05 hasn’t been used and is reserved for the USA and also there’s a number missing if it were.

So it must be some sort of FSN but 8070 doesn’t exist (it must have done in the past though).

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What are NSN and FSN numbers? What do the letters stand for?

If this number is post 1974 would they still be making small weapons adapters? Were the ww2 style gun racks still being used?

Sorry loads of questions but you seem to be in the know!



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An NSN is a NATO Stock Number or National Stock Number. This was an adaption of the FSN or Federal Stock Number which dates back to the 1930s.


Lots of equipment from the 40s have NSNs because the kit was still in use in the 70s and 80s. The US may have stopped using some of the kit but other countries continued to use it and the US would provide spares under contract. 

The Mexicans and I think Argentinians still use Halftracks and some spare parts are still provided by the US. They themselves aren’t in NATO but as the US is, the parts have an NSN.


Another good example is France and Greece, they used the Willys MB for decades after the US had replaced their stock and the large amount of spares in the US system were codified for sales/foreign aid.

Bren .303 LMGs were codified even though the UK replaced them in the 60s. All because many nations still used them (Republic or Ireland, India, Greece etc), even Australian made Brens were given a British NSN because the design was from Enfield.


There’s much more to it and I’m no expert. I only have a basic knowledge from using NSNs daily but the historical detail is something I’ve only picked up in civvy street.

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On 12/29/2020 at 4:38 AM, grey on top said:

I'm restoring a gun rack for my jeep and there seems to be an extra bracket that bolts to the butt end of it. In the photos the webbing pads are still covered over with masking tape from the spray process. Does anyone recognise the bracket?


gun rack.3.jpeg

gun rack.2.jpeg


gun rack.1.jpeg

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I can't recognize it, but really curious in a final result. Waiting for photos. 

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