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Austin K2/Y - Ice Cold in Alex

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I’m interested in the markings on the K2/Y(s) in Ice Cold in Alex.

Looks like an plain RASC diagonal green/red AoS square without superimposed unit code on the offside front and rear and perhaps a made up Div Sign on front nearside of a white circle within a black or red square. Does that make sense or has anybody got a definitive answer ?


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Thanks Wally,

I suspect there was an element of artistic license with the film markings, although they seem to be grounded in reality.

I also wondered if the background square might have been red rather than black and was intended to allude to the 7th AD but without the red jerboa, particularly as they had missed the unit code on the RASC AoS square.

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l would suggest that the HUMBER is marked up a 13 corp who also were in TOBRUK at the same time as 9th AUSTRALIAN DIVISION There are two  good images of the  sign in the early part of the film one  going into the dock and just before it gets blown  up and is  the same as the K2 near the end at the RMP post before going into ALEX

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