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Heavy steering on a Morris C9/B

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Hi all, the steering on my Morris C9/B is very heavy, and it has been suggested that the steering box may need a few extra shims, as its not the original.

So I just wondered if anyone has a picture or drawing of the shims used so I could make a few in advance of stripping the steering down, unless you wise ones know of another cure for heavy Morris steering.


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15 minutes ago, Richard Farrant said:

I assume you have the front wheels off the ground to check? If not, I would check your tyre pressures first. Then check oil level in front swivels and steering box if not done already.

Sound advice Richard, but the lumpin' great thing has always been heavy on the steering, my mate reckons it is almost as heavy as his Matador and as I am not getting any younger now is the time to cure it.

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1 hour ago, Richard Farrant said:

OK. Try removing the drag link from one end then you can ascertain if it is the steering box. Then with the front wheels off the ground, push the wheels round lock to lock to see if that is where it is tight.

That sounds like a plan, get the silly season out of the way and I will make a start on those ideas.....Ta!

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