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Bren mount for Ferret, FV58430 replica. Anybody have drawings?


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I want to set a Bren on my Ferret but of course the mounts are scarce and costly.  This is exacerbated by my being in the USA.  So I've decided to fabricate one.  It's a lot like a crossword puzzle, if you get a couple parts it's easier to figure out the others. I found the dimensions for LV4/5340-99-812-5812 and LV4/5340-99-812-5813 in the parts catalouge and made one of each.  I found a seller who had the LV4/5340-99-812-5814 wood washers.  The socket in the Bren is about 1/2" wide so I know the body steel is 1/4" thick (based on the pictures I assume it's 2" wide) and can measure the socket in the Ferret.

It would be lovely to know the heights of the turned part that fits into the socket in the Ferret and the length of the mount from where it goes into the socket under the Bren back if someone has one to measure.  Of course any drawings lying around that folks could help out with would be even better!


  I actually used chunks of an old barrel demilled off a Lithgow FAL for the stock.



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On 12/6/2020 at 5:16 PM, robin craig said:

what are you after exactly? I am unclear on which mark you have and what you are trying to execute. Do you have a picture of what you are trying to replicate perhaps you can post?


Oh terribly sorry, I'm working to make a FV58430 mount for a Mk1.  It's the lowest bar so I thought it was a good place to start.  I'd like to know the dimensions of the round section supporting the whole thing as well as the overall length of the mount at least.  That said, any dimensions would be a help.


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