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My Furlough project

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I am soon to retire and have for years promised myself a Scammell R100, I do not have either the space or the facilities to go full sized so I have "gone ride on/in" .  Furlough made me re-think the start date and as I am about to return to work I thought I would post my progress.

 This will not be to millitary spec but as reused by my local fun fair family, Benson's of Dorking, I have had a fascination for this truck since my school days when I used to watch them being used to nose trailors in and out of the yard.

has a face (4).JPG

one side wheels (2).JPG

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Mummy was rescued from a dilapidated storage facility that Bensons used in the next village, about 2 miles from me, and last seen 3 or 4 years ago in the small yard half a mile away so fingers crossed she still exists.

I think the Bensons showtrac may have been in the same shed as I see that has reappeared in the main yard looking very much the worst for wear.

Benson yard.jpg

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