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Clansman Personal Unit Commander Fault

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In my Ferret, i have a intercom Clansman with new install CBF (commander box fixed) and a  CPU (commander personal unit 5820-99-117-4349) connected with a 10pin cable.

20201116_194625.thumb.jpg.a48b107ad0b611c083a75a8b23e00fd7.jpg   20201116_194752.thumb.jpg.6f4e05df56bf7a2ea2ef8e2e94c160c8.jpg   20201115_175005.thumb.jpg.1c4731c69286649681e0622ed99ed31d.jpg


The Commanders 10pt cable was broken

       20201113_123148.thumb.jpg.b9001d10d20bc75792c135546873d2c6.jpg   20201113_123204.jpg      also  I have repaired this  pin to pin (A2A; .B2B;..........; K2K;J2J)


Its a picture of my CPU--> 20201119_123911.thumb.jpg.db33a709e9192a5912ddcc4a49290188.jpg

When i connect all, it s OK , I have a 500mA of consumption in circuit, no problem when i turn a CPU's monitor switch or CPU's radio selector .But  I have  a short circuit fault when i use the press to talk button of CPU. (I have already burnt 2 fuses)

Now for test,  I use a laboratory power supply with Amp regulation.

I have make a another test with a new CBF but  I have a same fault.

I don't understand the breakdown. 

Does somebody have an idea?


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Today ,I continue my investigations with an many electrical mesures and control  to determine a basic wiring diagram



5820 99 117 4349


Mesures and control on CPU: (radio selector= RIC,RA,RB,RC and  monitor switch O or Ø)

Side Connector 7pt-F Audio                                              Connector 10pt-M Commander              

Aa            Intercom microphone +VE                        

Ba            Intercom microphone –VE                                Ec       

Da            Left earphone                                                          Bc

Ea            Earphone and PTT ground                               (if RIC=Kc; if RA=KcJc ;if RB=KcAc ;
                                                                                                             if RC=KcJcAc)+IfØ=Cc


Fa             PTT when 1600ohm to ground                  NON Connected

Ga            Right earphone                                             ifO=Bc ifØ=Dc


Hypothèse déduites:

Connecteur 10 pt-M commander                                                                      


Bc left erphone                                                            

Cc = K  ifØ 


Ec Intercom microphone – VE                                   



Hc  if Press TT =Kc+Bc ifØ




Connecteur 10 pt-M box fixed                                                                      


Bb  A set micro +ve






H+28 supply




what I understand, when I press a PTT of CPU  i make i short circuit betwen H and K of CBF.

Now, it seems that the CPU is not compatible with my CBF or I am  not good cable, perhaps  it s nebessary a twisted cable.

do you think there are two CPU systems? 

Or twisted cable?

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 your CPU doesn't seem to be a standard issue one. I had some issues a year ago with a new IB2. When I pressed the over-ride button, the fuse blown off. The reason was two changed cables in the IB2, which were soldered to the wrong position.

I can send you the EMER with the circuit diagram for all Intercom Boxes, if you send me your mail adress as a PM.

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