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All very fascinating, but taken by a trespassing toerag.  I know I'd be bloody livid if I discovered someone had been onto my land with a video camera and uploaded the results to U Tube.  The owner has every right to collect what ever he wants and to maintain it in whatever condition he chooses and not expect to find his collection advertised for tealeaves on the internet by self-styled urban explorers.  I wonder how much theft and vandalism has resulted from this video.

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This is quite a thing on Youtube, finding abandoned places and filming them.

I recall seeing one and the place was packed with vehicles of all eras, filmed of course without permission. The interesting point was that I recognised a couple of the vehicles so knew whos property it was and it certainly wasnt abandoned!

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The reg was backwards on a piece of tape seen on the inside of one of the Nubian Windscreens.

Unfortunately, little is safe and nothing is sacred. The ramblers questionable 'right to roam' and rafts of bad info on social media regarding trespass laws appears to have given all toerags and lower middle class chavs the god given right think they can go wherever they want and do whatever they like - all very well until they walk into a Norfolk type situation. And you daren't challenge them. They have the camera and report you for being offensive, or return later and torch the place.

About a year ago, a colleague was in his barn working on a machine and couldn't work out what the whirring noise was. He then saw the drone, buzzing slowly around out of reach in the rafters of the workshop. It eventually disappeared out the door, over the trees and away! Innocent curiosity? Doubt it.

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