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Purchased (New) from International Repot Depot in 2016, delivered in 2017. 


Getting cleaned! 




Interior. After 4 years of bouncing in and out it was in need of a good blast 



After, much cleaner !




All done!



I have a title and tags being sent to me from Vermont. I went the Dirt Legal way since our local DMV was shut down due to the COVID stuff going on. It was pricey but I wanted to have it running sooner, not later. 

This is my second BRDM. My first one was bought from Indiana and sold to a gentleman here (Nutt68) who then sold it to another guy who is bringing it back to Texas. 

Mine is more or less how they come off the factory floor. It's in immaculate condition. There's a bunch of little things that need to be fixed from the vehicle sitting for so long. Bulbs, lights, indicators, seals, etc. But the primary things we are fixing soon before the road test are: 

Tires-I have 4 new tires here that need to be put on. 
Trans-change oil. 
Turn signals and brake lights-replace bulbs/change to LED
Engine-change oil again. 

Minor stuff-
Wire brush/ prime paint rear cargo
Complete PKT kit and shoot 

I normally start and run it 2 times a month. It always starts fairly quickly.

A rather disappointing day working on the BRDM. 

Hooked up the PKT solenoid and the firing circuit works. Just need to finish the gun. 

I changed the transmission oil. It was very low and nasty. Flushed it with 2 gallons of extra 90w I had then poured in 8ish liters of ep90. 



The PTO is the fill hole for the entire trans. 53-C272-EA-FE20-4892-8-C54-20766-F574694

Shifts much smoother now and the synchros are actually functioning well and it hits second gear without any problems! Ya. 

While driving it with Ben it started making weird noises. 

PTO was spinning the winch. Not sure if it’s supposed to spin. F. 

Then it died. I know it’s not broken, it’s a Good running vehicle. It’s probably out of gas. 


10 gallons of USA’s finest Dino juice dumped in the tank and it fires right up. Ben noticed it’s leaking coolant all over the battery and right side of the engine bay. 


So we power it back to the stall and change the front right tire with a new one and contemplate the meaning of 40 year old rubber failing. 



We were able to hit the road today. 

It drew quite the crowd. Unfortunately, had issues. 

Brake seized shut 
Carb is surging. 
Hydraulic fluid blew out

It runs and drives like a DREAM. It’s quick. Well, until the hydro blew and the brake seized shut and the carb started surging. 

Minor issues to fix. 

Armor draws a crowd. 







after 9 years I was able to hit the road in my brdm2 to say I’m pumped is an understatement. 

the next work day is 11-21. 

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Hydraulic hoses can delaminate internally, preventing a return of fluid from the callipers or slave cylinders. That would jam the brakes on.

It's a fairly common problem with old brake hoses.

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5 minutes ago, John F said:

Hydraulic hoses can delaminate internally, preventing a return of fluid from the callipers or slave cylinders. That would jam the brakes on.

It's a fairly common problem with old brake hoses.

Possible. It’s only the back right brake. 


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