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My Military Collection for sale, including 2 x fv432s

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Hello All,

I hope everyone is well and manging ok during these weird times.

I know it has been a while since I was last on here, it has been a long time since I last saw my fv432s, about 18 months!

Some of you who know me well, will know that was about the same time when I had a fairly serious accident, which did take a while to get over, at times I would say I haven't fully recovered yet!

On that note, it is I suppose the main reason to be posting after such a long time.

Today we put our house on the market, so what better time to start to let everyone know my fv432s are for sale!

I have been putting it off for way to long now, and due to my current circumstances it is probably the time to pull my finger out and let them go. As I mentioned I haven't seen them in nearly 18 months and have not been in any rush to go and see them.

Now for those that do not know me, I have two fv432s one mk2 and mk2/1.

Both are for sale, and over the years I have collected a lot of kit and equipment to go with them. I also have a Landrover lightweight and a Honda XR250. If someone was to approach me and offer a fair price for the lot I would consider it all going in one lump! If not I may keep the Lightweight, still not fully decided, still hard to let my fv432s go, especially as I don't really need to sell any of it as such?!

Anyway, as someone who is on here, may be interested, here is a little about them...

10EA15 fv432 mk2

I bought this in 2004 and although is not the prettiest, it is a good sound vehicle. It has a few issues, and could do with a lick of paint etc, but it is fairly complete.
Now when I say fairly complete, I mean it has, I think a complete set of CES. It has a complete intercom and radio set up, maybe not all fitted, as I think the last thing I was doing when I was there last, was going to re-install the radio table.
I have also collected nearly a complete command post bench and desk set up for the rear troop compartment. It would also have a fair selection of filters and spare parts to go with it, more on those later. Oh and it is road registered!

11EA98 fv432(6) mk2/1

I think I bought this one in around 2010, it was a nice vehicle that seemed to have been mid way through a Bowman radio upgrade, and was cast. Since I have had it, again, I have collected as much CES as possible for it. I have removed the Bowman cables and re-installed Clansman. (I'm sure there are videos on You-tube during the back conversion!). Again it will come with a selection of filters and spare parts CES. This one is not road registered, but I do have the release documents. Also it does feature in the British tank transporters Tankograd book.


85KA19 Landrover Lightweight

I bought this in 1997, and did a chassis up restoration in 1999/2000. It was originally a 12V plain green soft top LHD vehicle, which I converted to RHD, camo and made to look like a FFR and fitted a hard top. I was once told it was possible it was used by the British Army rally team, going by the way things were fitted and certain holes left. It was a daily drive for a year or so, and went to a few shows, but again for probably for the last 10years plus, has been SORN'd and parked up. It has suffered a bit by not being used and was left outside, but that said, wouldn't take much to get back to a very nice lightweight. Main bulkhead has a couple of rust spots which wouldn't take to much to put right and as far as I can remember the Upper vent panel is rust free. Again I have bits and pieces squirrelled away for this one, including a complete new exhaust system, all the parts to overhaul the brakes. It even has a couple (my even be able to find a third!) of radio tables to go in the rear if you so wished, something I always wanted to do, but never got around too.


HC63AA Honda XR250

Not 100% sure when I got this, maybe 2012ish? I always wanted one, and found this one being sold of in the middle of Wales. Unfortunately, it had parts missing and no paperwork, and didn't run. Since then, again I have collected various parts to complete, over the years, but it has sat in my garage since the day I bought it and I have not done a lot to it, fv432s always came first! It is fairly complete now, but still doesn't run. It may need the engine stripping down, as apparently they suffer from the piston rings clogging and not building compression. It is the earlier pre 95 model, which I think is the rarer type, and should be an easy winter project for someone.

Now I did say I would come back to equipment, spares and CES etc.

I have filters, CES and various tools and spare parts for the fv432s. I have Clansman radios, boxes and a Sankey radio bodied trailer, which still has all the brackets for the original Triffid radio kit, was never converted to a tool trailer. Oh did I mention I have 3x penthouse canvases and 1x frame for a fv432. Spare periscopes and night sights, actually a whole 20ft container pretty much full of stuff for all of the vehicles, and helmets, webbing, rucksacks, and I could even find a operators seat for fv436 Cymbeline if anyone wanted to use it in an office!

As I mentioned before, I would sell the lot in one go if someone was interested. I think a nice collection of British Army equipment to get someone into military vehicle ownership, and maybe a good investment, got to be better than a pension at the moment! And it has taken me a good part of at least 20 years to collect, with great expense and hard work!

Alas I imagine the one person who would take the lot of my hands, is unlikely. And it will all have to be split up. As this is the HMVF forum and they are likely to go individually, I can only think the best way to sell them is to give whoever is interested first, gets the choice on fv432, and what parts and equipment they want. If someone was just interested in the base fv432s, either to break or do corporate then I would strip out anything that I felt would benefit someone who would likely want to kit out their fv432.

I haven't mentioned prices as I literally have no idea of value at the moment, I am sensible and realistic, but am not going to give it all away.

In first instance, it will be best to contact me on this email, dougyfv432@gmail.com as it is one that I can reply from on my phone.









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Hello All,

And thank you Craig, as you and a few others that have contacted me since I have mentioned that I was selling my collection, know how much I like my vehicles.

I know if I sell, that I will never have the opportunity to indulge again, but since I had my accident, I have been even more quiet on the military vehicle scene than I had been!

My accident did involve a fairly serious head injury, and it was at the hands of one of the fv432s. And I have been reluctant to go back to the scene, which I finally did a couple of weekends ago. I had to move my Lightweight, which is currently in a different barn from the fv432s. I admit I spent probably 5 minutes looking at the fv432s and walked off!

But I suppose none of that is the main reason for the sale board going up over the collection. Weirdly it is the pending house move, and the fact that the Honda XR250 has been sat in the garage and not touched for several years and SWMBO doesn't want it to come to the new house, so this has prompted me to think, if I have to sell one thing, maybe just let the lot go?!

Again strangely enough, the storage of the fv432s again isn't a push to sell, they could just sit there and wait for a more convenient time.

Thank you to those who have contacted me regarding the sale of the vehicles, and obviously the one thing people have asked are the prices!

So here goes, I will try to give some guide prices here...

10EA15 fv432 mk2

Base vehicle, £8,000, if you want the command kit £9,000, if you want basic filters and basic CES £10,000

It has got some issues, but it is a pretty complete vehicle, and I did see a fv432 go on Ebay a few months ago that went for £7,500 and it did look like it had been dragged out of a hedge, where it had lived for a good few years with it's hatches open.

Tracks and sprockets are good, 50% wheels are good, other 50% got some cuts and chunks, they are mostly the inners, looks like when the Army changed the tracks and sprockets, changed only easy to get to wheels that needed doing?

Here are some bad points.

It has got a fuel pump governor problem, throttle sticking, but mostly from lack of use. Some of the wiring has been pulled out behind the switch panel, blame previous owner (British Army) have replacement wiring etc to put right. Main isolator sticking, again a good clean up should hopefully put right. Paint work tatty. Requires batteries.

Some good points...

It is a fairly complete fv432 for sale, not many around at the moment! It has got I think a complete set of CES, including a set of periscopes, GPMG mount, track kit, Full intercom, (sure I had it working a few years ago), Clansman radios. Depending how you look at it, good or bad, this one is road registered.   

11EA98 fv432 mk2/1

Base vehicle, £12,000. If you want all the Clansman kit I've put into it £14,000 and again if you want spare filters and CES £15,000.

Like 10EA15, this has a fairly complete CES, track tools and filters. It has the later upgrade for roof basket (even has proper canvas cover) and side box. It had been converted to Bowman radio, but I have removed all the cabling (still available) and converted back to Clansman. It has good tracks, sprockets and wheels. As I mentioned in my original post, it seems it was going through some refurbishment and was cast. It seems to have had the outside repainted by the MOD. They tidied up the interior and it looks like they got as far as the crew heater and stopped without fitting one, but I have since acquired one and fitted, just needs connecting. Again requires batteries. This one is not road registered, but I have the release documents.

Apart from the CES for each vehicle, I have various parts that I have collected. I have switch panels, DLB, starter motor, fuel stop solenoids, last time I checked I think I have 3 track tensioners cylinders, brand new in boxes. Various take of bits, boiling vessel brackets, seats, seat belt assemblies, pair of NOS rear boxes. Penthouse tent, including frame and hull mounting brackets. I even have a roll of Track-mark interior covering at my brother's house, no idea how I ended up storing it there!

All the additional stuff will be offered to whoever buys one of the fv432s. Whoever buys first will get the pick of what they want, at additional cost, but not all, as some stuff is allocated/shared to either vehicle if that makes sense. For example, if you are first and you want a something that I have multiplies then we'll sort something out.

Before I get onto the Lightweight, I will mention I have a fair selection of Clansman radio bits and pieces. As already mentioned, each vehicle has Clansman intercom, and each has 3 VRC353s allocated to them (by separate negotiation). But I have PRC351, 350, 349, 320, 321 + 322 casings, other Clansman boxes, aerial mounts, brackets. Clarke PU12 masts with guying kit.

Actually while I am writing this, it does become scary as to how much stuff I have! Haven't even mentioned webbing, rucksacks, 12x12 tent, 9x9 tent. Canvas bags, helmets clothing body armour. Now wonder I nearly have 20 foot container full of the stuff!

So this brings me on to the collection as a whole. I have collected quite a few bits over the years for the vehicles, not only CES, spare parts when they become available, but general military items that I thought would go with them. Dread to think how much I have spent, suppose it was collect Army tat or go to the pub, I collected Army tat!

So if you were interested in the full collection, and probably the only way I will sell the Lightweight, which we will come to now.

85KA19 Lightweight

I like my lightweight, and so does my son. But I don't use it!

I did do a chassis restoration in 2000, converted from LHD to RHD (still have original stuff to go back to LHD), and used it for a few years. Unfortunately, it has suffered a bit from when it lived outside (has been in a barn last few years) and not being used. It could do with a bit of cherishing, which wouldn't be major. I think a few weekends and a bit of elbow grease, it will be a very nice Lightweight. Only a couple of small rust spots in the normal places, but the vent panel is I would one of the best. It has a complete new aftermarket exhaust system and set of brakes and hubs seals etc waiting to go on. At the moment it is a hard top, but I have everything apart actual canvas to go back to a soft top. It could do with a couple of tyres and a battery. The seats need some help, as someone broke into and stole the bases, and bent the door top! So far I have got one new standard seat base to go back in. It also has various bits and bobs that I have bought ready for the day I was going to treat it. Including a couple of radio tables, wing boxes, with TUAAMs, even though it is 12v, I like the look of the 24v, without the complications!

As for value, I'm going to say £10,000!

Although it needs a bit of work, it is nothing someone couldn't do on their drive and I think it will be a very nice example of a Lightweight, plus there is a chance of some military history, I have never actually checked, but it appears it could have been a British Army rally vehicle.

Now for the actual vehicle that has prompted the sale, my Honda XR250.

Now why did I buy this? I have never ridden a motor bike in my life, have no intention. It doesn't run, parts were missing and I have no paperwork.

But they look cool and how many do you see for sale these days? I have again collected various parts to complete. I have been told that the piston rings get choked up and they loose compression, hopefully this is all that is wrong with this one and hopefully could be a couple of weekends fix.

As for price, I am going to say £1000, I'm sure I have seen a ex-military XR250 on Ebay asking £2,650 for a runner. So I think a good winter project for someone. I plan to leave it for a week or so and I will probably list on Ebay and see what happens with a wider audience, I think off-roaders like them for their bigger fuel tanks.

There has been a bit of interest in the vehicles, especially the Lightweight, which as in the original post, not sure if I want to sell, but if the "collection" was to go and go to a good home, then I will consider it. But for the whole collection I will be looking at offers around £45,000.

You may think I must be mad, but it has been my life, and I haven't even mentioned the Radio trailer, the generators including a nearly new Onan 230v 3.5kv (I think?), plus a couple of Powerlite 300w gennys, and I can't remember the make of the one on top of 11EA98, and I have a couple of I don't know what in another mate's barn I store stuff like the fv436 Cymbeline seat!

At the moment if nobody wants to take the collection off my hands, the fv432s and the Honda xr250 are up for grabs individually as described above. The Lightweight and trailer and the kit I consider goes with it, will take some persuading to make me let go!

Sorry for not getting back to everyone who has emailed and DM'd me yet. It has taken me most of this evening on and of to write this. And from the couple I have read, hopefully this post will help until I get to replying to you all.

Sorry to those of you that have asked about the Lightweight, but at the moment it is part of the "collection" and I could have sold it many times over even before I mentioned it on here.

Also at the moment, please don't ask how much it is for a random item that I have mentioned, but if you wanted to start a say a Clansman radio collection, that may be an option.

Again thank you for your interest and kind words from those that know me.





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