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Proposed Changes to Law on Section 58 Firearms

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Of interest to owners of Section 58 obsolete calibre firearms. They are proposing to remove some calibres from the list and add others. Those removed will require an FAC:



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I was reading through this yesterday. I see this as a way to try and reduce the number of obsolete guns available to criminals however I think this may have the opposite effect short term. My personal opinion is that this is yet another ill conceived idea that punishes the law abiding. According to the UK Gov website, they’re were 6 deaths due to Antique firearms in the last 13 years.


last year alone there were 42 people killed in Police pursuits. Any death is tragic but this to me proves that the government and the Police don’t look at the bigger picture. I’m sure that if I looked for statistics involving deaths from Kitchen knives, it would be far higher but they won’t ban kitchen knives.

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