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Help needed please! First registration for a CVR(T) Sabre

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Good afternoon all,

I am really struggling to fill the V55/5 in and can't seem to find out how to fill in all of the fields, despite using the V355-5 guide to filling it out. Does anyone who has successfully registered a Sabre/Scimitar/Scorpion have a copy of one completed? I'm really struggling with the weights, tax class, (I am assuming 'Crawler' from what I've read?), wheelplan etc (or do I just use what I find out the web?) basically the whole form!!!! 

To prepare, I have the Sabre fully insured on its military number and I also have all of the age report etc from IMPS on their letter headed paper which includes service history etc.
My other question is around tax and MOT. The guidance states that I need to include the latest MOT and also payment for tax, but as the manufacture date is 1971, it appears that the Sabre is both tax and MOT exempt. Reading on though, it seems as though you have to apply for those statuses once the vehicle is registered, so how does that work? 

It was purchased from Military Vehicle Solutions fully restored earlier this year although I don't have any paperwork for that.

Any help to fill this in would be massively appreciated as I'm feeling a little lost with it all...



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So a quick update for anyone interested following a lot of help from some lovely members. 
The initial registration has been rejected initially for not having a NOVA registration for the vehicle. Everything else was fine on the V55 and with the supporting documents.

I have kept a copy of how I filled out the form in case anyone else needs guidance in the future although a couple of wonderful members were kind enough to share their V5s with me which really helped!

I'm now in the process of trying to work out why it needs a NOVA as it's not imported and doesn't seem to have ever left the country except in service. 
I will keep you all posted on what next...

In the meantime, have a happy and safe Christmas everyone!

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Hi  .A NOVA is a notification of vehicle arrival which is used to register a vehicle imported into the UK .it's a form i am familiar with as my son  purchased a vehicle imported from Europe .However the good news is you don't need one . The clerk or administrator purchasing your vehicle was most likely unable to identify your vehicle and assumed it's a foreign import as They have been unable to identify the vehicle has been previously registered in the UK .

I would recommend contacting them and advise them that your vehicle was a UK military vehicle and crown\government property and as such bad been exempt from a V5 however you wish to register it for road use .

They are likely to ask for some evidence but I would refer them to the imps documents .if this is not acceptable it may be necessary to get a letter from the military vehicle trust which I know the DVLA accept 




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Hi There,

There are a number of posts about getting your V5, several of us took copies of are V55/c but talking to MVT, Bovingdon and the right people at DVLA normally get it sorted, only took me 6 months but that was due to MVT and DVLA not accepting the documentation I had, but thanks to Bovingdon that was resolved.

Hopefully you have it well in hand, if not lots on here can provide help and even examples


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