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The metal work on the lamp is fine, the electrics are modern and the reflector is different. You should be able to clips separately, or you used to.


The front brake has the anchor mounted in the speedo gearbox hole. It should be on that bracket on the forks that you see in your photo. You may need quite a few missing parts to correct both the speedo drive and the brake cable anchor/bracket.


The alloy brake plate also looks odd, not the usual plate. Where the anchor plate slots up into the fork is also wrong. It shows a bolt but it should be a riveted stud. I’ve replaced the worn studs in the past so it’s a simple fix.

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This is definitely the correct center stand for a WD/C frame. The WD/CO had a rear stand instead of a center stand, so "WD/C-only". Did you find the picture on the War Department website? The owner of that business deceased a couple of years ago, and the website has never been changed or deleted. Don't think you will be able to buy one of these stands anymore... 😐

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Yes, defo wrong! You can’t drain the oil in that configuration.

Also, the engine plates are not drilled for the WD/C centre stand spring posts or the pivots for the levers. Easily fixed with the correct dimensions and studs.


The foot brake stop has also sheared off and been replaced with some bent steel and a bolt. That could be fixed by welding on a replacement piece.


This poor bike really does need some saving.

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We have discussed this before. Apparently these center stands were prone to break, plus it was quite awkward to heave the bike up onto it's stand, so a shorter one was produced (Although they seem to have kept the same part number). I can't remember if we decided when the mod took place. I have one of the shorter stands on my WD/C

Apart from the stand itself (which are quite hard to find) Hitchcocks usually have the toggles and springs.




WDC short stand.JPG

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