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Unit identity? Canadian Corps 1940-42, vehicle serial no.'47'

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I would be grateful if anyone can shed light on the identity of the unit of the Canadian Corps (1940-42) that used the serial number '47'.

I understand from information on www.candiansoldiers.com that this was a Machine Gun Battalion, but am struggling to figure out which regiment they actually were.

According to Orders of Battle that I can find, MG Battalions for mid-1942 (but, by then, split between the two Canadian corps') included The Saskatoon Light Infantry in 1st Div, The Toronto Scottish in 2nd Div and The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa in 3rd Div.

Any insights appreciated!


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I believe that the Canadians used the British system of arm of service markings.

Machine Gun Battalions that were 'Corps Troops' displayed '47' on red during the period. This would have been with a white bar above.

'47'  was also used on red / blue by the LAA regiment of a division. In this case with no white bar above. In the case of divisions, it is impossible to identify the unit without the accompanying formation sign.

Are you trying to identify a photograph or surviving vehicle parts ?

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