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Restoration 4 - Matchless G3 Panel Tank

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Hi Ron, though I’d share with you an image of the original fuel tank, you can still see it attached to the fuel tap🙈😂

Hi All. After recently completing my James ML restoration idle hands set in again. I said to myself no more projects, but after the opportunity of an early Matchless G3 panel tank came up I

What the Hell's the matter with you Steve? Send it to Jan and he'll soon repair it for you😈 Ron

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Oil tank on and newly renovated battery carrier fitted....slowly starting to look like a bike with the 8” headlamp.

I am having a little trouble finding a 1” throttle barrel compatible with my twist grip, I have tried three which I have as spares but all appears a little chunky.....a long shot but has anyone got a picture of the correct throttle/barrel components?





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I did take a picture of my G3L 7/8" Bowden twistgrip components. They're totally different to Amal. The nipple sort of disappears inside a hole. Ron


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On 1/15/2021 at 2:11 PM, Ron said:

My original headlamp has a hole about 3/8" diam in the center about 2 1/2" up from the edge of the bowl. Those early blackouts where simply cut from black manila card (available from Hobbycraft or online I guess) a half circle hole in the middle and placed behind the glass. The Lucas logo medallion is available from "Vintage Supplies" 

The factory picture has a switch panel so is different.  Ron



G3 014.jpg

Hi Ron. May I ask please, what is the approximate dimension from the centre of the King of the road medallion to the front of the headlamp rim? I have now got mine to fit but I need to drill the headlamp bowl......😬

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Ok, nice work, but why the later gas detection paint colour? 

1940 still had the canary yellow, have never been able to find a MK1 tin though, only MK2.  I painted over my medailion.




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Leave the lad alone Lex! 🙂 Mine is also done with the mustard colour as I'd rather have it with real MK2 version than fake MK1😄

Did you see my email about the Vokes tube/elbow Lex?




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