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Restoration 4 - Matchless G3 Panel Tank

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Hi Ron, though I’d share with you an image of the original fuel tank, you can still see it attached to the fuel tap🙈😂

Hi All. After recently completing my James ML restoration idle hands set in again. I said to myself no more projects, but after the opportunity of an early Matchless G3 panel tank came up I

What the Hell's the matter with you Steve? Send it to Jan and he'll soon repair it for you😈 Ron

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As I plod on with the battery carrier I have now taken delivery of a load more new nuts and bolts which means I can finally fit some more of the smaller components.

Currently the headlamp shell I am using is a reproduction and as such not drilled for the cabling to enter or leave the bowl. I cannot seam to find a good enough picture which shows this? Can anyone shed some ‘light’ onto this for me, please? Can I ask, what is this shown on the glass of the headlamp? How can it be replicated?



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My original headlamp has a hole about 3/8" diam in the center about 2 1/2" up from the edge of the bowl. Those early blackouts where simply cut from black manila card (available from Hobbycraft or online I guess) a half circle hole in the middle and placed behind the glass. The Lucas logo medallion is available from "Vintage Supplies" 

The factory picture has a switch panel so is different.  Ron



G3 014.jpg

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6 minutes ago, flyingfleasteve said:

Looks great Ron! 

What size is your Lucas madallion, please?

I love the gas detection paint, is that original ?


I love those King of the Road badges. I remember them on the old gas lamps and Reed horns in my dads parts box.

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If I remember the gas paint was often brush applied because it needed to be replaced regularly. The traces I’ve found inside lamps is yellow with the stuff exposed to air oxidising to a brown colour. Not sure what colour it turns when exposed to gas but I bet Ron knows and maybe even tried it.

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There's 2 sorts of gas detection paint, 1939 to about 1941 it was canary yellow, after that it was the MK2 version, that is the mustard colour like Ron as, I do have several tins of the later type, but never found the early type yet, only on original parts.


2016-01-14 20.40.20 nieuw LED lampje.jpg


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Steve my Lucas badge is 7/8". My gas paint is the original stuff which came from John Tinley and I have a small amount in a jar. It's the mustard colour as you can see, which I prefer to that other gay colour!!😏 I think it turns pink or purple once in contact with gas. 

The whole gas mask and gas detection systems during the war were an unnecessary precaution, after lessons learnt from WW1, the Germans never used it. Ron

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Big leaps forward this weekend, the front mudguard is now on, front wheel back in, gearbox finished & levers on. I have managed to source a wartime dated regulator but I may swap this at a later date for a solid stat alternative, I am yet to find an early dates MRC1 to use as a donor. Looking at some period photos it appears the value lever is fitted on the outside of the combi clutch lever instead of immediately after the rubber bar grip.....this makes the decompression lever a little awkward to pull, when needed. What is the general consensus and what is correct?






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Thanks Ron!

I think I will stick with that setup too!

I am just now debating how to finish the control levers, should they have been cad plated originally?

More new parts arriving yesterday, the saddle bungee kit......


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Ah, great, the saddle bungies, but still some DIY to do, make sure you don't use the lengths as noted in the VAOS parts list!! this is way too sloppy! 

And what whas the price for them? I need to do my second set of Big 4 saddles, that were just delivered yesterday! if not too much, I will just order them.

Levers as Ron said,



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