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It is a  xxKBxx    Lightweight ,  photograph indicates all good ,  BUT   the chassis would need a thorough examination .   Details given , comparing to photograph - all good.   Chassis depending - the  Estimate sale price is  ££  very low  @  2.1/2 to £3,000 + 6%  * VAT     BECAUSE this is not a dog , buy a dog and the heavy repairs and parts £cost such as a almost unobtainium vent-panel will rack the ££££ north.

  If the chassis needs changing - the estimate is still Fair - because the swop job would give a min.  £8 to 10 K valuation.   . 

The MOT history = very good , no advisories on chassis, however note my comment.

Seems a genuine  Ex- MVS  minta that has been looked after by a enthusiast for the last 20 years ,  RARE.

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34 minutes ago, bigduke6 said:

£4500 winning bid, about £5700 with fees....


£5700  +  approx.  £2000 for a new galv. chassis (if not sound) , best with a new replacement chassis than cut-N-shut repair , because the remainder deserves it , possibly it needs a new set of upholstery £.

Abt.  £8000  for something still quite original and sound + a £valuation north of  £10000  , a better proposition than buying a cheap wreck and throwing £££ at the project .   They don't often come available.

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The military Massey 35 tractor that was in really good nick made £13200 plus vat plus commission which is a lot of money, however although old it was little used.

I had thought I would go to seven grand but I was a long way out!

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It is one thing using a MOT examiners  'approved' hammer , and sounding with a 1/4 lb ball pein.   Of course this can only be done with owners permission & he is present - preferably he is doing the demonstration where you indicate.

--KB--  chassis steel is not great ,   probably KA to KD is worst of all,  I blame the bartering with Leyland by the Cloggies of cheap high scrap content Belgian steel that was difficult to unload..   British Steel workers went on strike over this abt. 1977 - they tried to explain.

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2 hours ago, matchlesswdg3 said:

I suspect the Lightweight will be back up for sale by a dealer at £12-14k after nothing more than a blow over with OD; but I HOPE it was bought by an enthusiast!

My thoughts also, possibly an appearance on eBay..... with a silly price tag. 

Ruxy, that’s Interesting about the steel, I know little about the Lightweight but have  seen a lot which were rotten compared to other series LR’s.

Reason I never went OTT with bid, also the fact I’ve just bought a Series 3 109 FFR....😀


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