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Vehicle storage

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One of the bugbears of our obsession is finding somewhere to park/store our MVs and with Winter fast approaching, the potential problem may be pressing.  It's also an issue that tends to put people off owning anything bigger than a Jeep or a Land Rover (hence the prices of those common items, cf much more interesting but larger beasties!).  Now some kit really IS fragile and deserves at least dry airy roofed storage, but IMHO most stuff was built to be stored outdoors for goodness sake and with some preparation and care it is perfectly possible to park up the love of your life on outdoors hard standing, knowing it is going to be fit for use come the better weather.  OK - its nice to have storage you can conveniently drive into and out of, but life is not perfect, alas.  My driveway has seen several MVs living on it quite happily, the secret being to use a decent tough waterproof cover that is well tethered and not going to blow around and chafe.  A tailor-made cover for a camper is a perfect fit for a Bedford MW, for example but a couple of good quality plastic tarps work fine.  Over the really damp and cold weather, I use electric greenhouse heaters placed inside the cab and that keeps internal condensation at bay.  Plenty of air allowed to get in round the chassis and prior to storage, everything susceptible to rust gets a wipe over with ACF50.  Mind you, some neighbours, for some strange reason, may not view your object of beauty and desire the same way you do............!  


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Our Commer is currently outside, it has a waterproof car cover over the cab and then over that and the body is a heavy old style lorry sheet.

Our problem is the amount that this al sweats. It keeps the rain off ok but the panels are still damp in places. We take them off on a Sunday morning and let it air.

We are having a big move round in the shed so in the next few weeks I hope to get her inside before the proper winter weather arrives.

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I THINK the camper-type covers you can buy are breathable - seem to be multi-layer and I never had a problem with condensation between the cover and panels.  But I had thought at one stage of trying one of those Nissen-style pop-up garages, but I don't really have the room and not sure how durable these things are.

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