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Triumph 3HW service history

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Hi, I've recently acquired a 1942 Triumph 3HW. It's unregistered at present so I've just received it's dating certificate from Richard Wheadon of the TMOCC which states that it was originally sent to RASC at No. 7 Vehicle Remount Depot, Glasgow on 1/8/42.

Any thoughts as to whether that destination indicates that the bike originally saw service with RASC home forces, or whether that depot may have been the destination for vehicles to be loaded onto ships bound for other theatres of war from the Clyde?

Either way, would it be appropriate to mark it with the RASC red/green square on the tank sides?

many thanks, Rupert.

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Hi, and many thanks to Ferrarakias and Ron for taking the trouble to reply with the photos of RASC petrol tank markings, confirming the red/green square.

Looks like it was also the norm to put RASC on the tank, which I will add to the job list for mine.

Particularly interesting to see your bike Ferrarakias, looks like both our bikes are from the same batch from the remains of the C number on the tank. Mine is C887413 which Ron identified a couple of months ago on this forum to its previous owner. 

Further investigation into No 7 VRD where my bike was originally sent locates it at Rouken Glen, Thornliebank, outside Glasgow (now apparently a park/garden centre). Seems to have been one of many such bases up and down the country during WW2 where vehicles were stored prior to requisition and active service by individual RASC units.

Much obliged, Rupert.




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