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Lwt tyres; 6.50 x 16 or 7.50 x 16

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On a Land Rover 5" x 16" rim on offer as 231601-C what is the significance of the C.

Will they take a 6.50 x 16 tyre assuming I can source a Goodyear lookalike or take a 7.50 x 16 Deestone / Security tyre as my default, both with tubes?

Often I see these 231601 referred to as Series 1 - I guess to increase the price.

But irrespective of date of manufacture am I safe to assume they are still OK for my Series 3 1980 Lwt.

There are some pretty rusty examples on internet so what to watch out for ?


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Very early Series one are different , the valve stem hole is in a different position  ISTR it is a 4.50 rim, I don't think that will be a 231601,  for the 'Reborn' project they are remanufactured but £  expensive & they are not riveted as they should be they are welded.

The suffix  C  =  a body finish paint colour & it will not be P (primer)  could be  DBG  bore likely Limestone.

The main thing to watch with used rims is the holes for the hub studs - they wear oval or roundish oversize  (run on loose nuts) , this is common and they are just scrap.  I find a 1/2" drive socket with a neat fit in a new rim and use that as a test gauge.  They can be corroded & thin here too.  Loose rivets are rare.  Bare rims - you need to examine the tube contact area for heavy rust (signs of wastage) especially at the bead seat.  Light rust there & it is best shot blasted , primed & finished.   When you could get a new rim for £40 to £50 , it was not worthwhile.  IIRC they are more like min £80 now.    If you are going to chance it , find some local you can examine for good part worn tyres and check the holes as suggested.

I doubt if you will find very good used Series rims easy,  I have in the last few years purchased excellent little used Defender 'safety type' rims with good 7.50 tyres on.  I would have to check  IIRC there are two common part numbers, you will find these branded on the periphery , not the nave, no good access for me to check as in a untidy shed. I may have a note in a vehicle notebook. 


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My dilemma is that I want to get the wheels and tyres off my Lwt and have the rims sand blasted and also check out what age and reference they are. All of them are riveted design.  But equally I do NOT want to have the Lwt jacked up on all sides, like you see on axle stands - for the safety of others in the house. So I guess I could buy two Land Rover wheels with tyres off eBay and stick them on the vehicle while I take the two front wheels and a spare to be sand blasted / cleaned up, checked and then fitted with tubes and tyres.

My preference is to get the job done in one go -  not three wheels first and two later. Also I'd rather not buy some unroadworthy sh** from someone off eBay, so I may as well buy some new rims from Jaguar Land Rover that offer 231601-C for £100 plus VAT and plus delivery. I care more for safety than whether JLR weld them.

Not having any sand blasting done ever, would they do three wheels while I wait or in a day? 

Middlesex, where I live  covers a wide area to west and north of London some of which is not 'local' to me so I need to find a sandblaster fairly near I can trust to do a good job.

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Use Paddock Motors as a  £ benchmark



Shotblasting is not cheap, then add approx.  £15 for a tin of Hammerite No. 1 primer and £20 for a tin of Tractol enamel finish. Then hassle & own or £ paid for labour (then it would always be cheaper to buy new).   When you get a blasting £ quote - you will get a shock  !.


They seem only to be listing  5.5" width ,  as for  109" and Defender ,  however still worth asking availability for  5.00 width.    ISTR the last 5.00 I purchased (new) was from Paddocks abt. 12 years ago & they were made by a Dunlop subsidiary Co. in Denmark.     I have both riveted and welded TUBELESS  5.50 obtained secondhand  &  one / both are made in Italy - probably  ?  OEM supplier to Solihull.

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Also Fulltilt rather than waste a new post on leaf spring bushes, are the Britpart ones at say £1.60 each just good as the Genuine LR ones at c.£6 each. I'm having the 'leafers' done soon on my Lwt as well as the tyres? I am told I need 4 x 548205 but strangely the Lwt Parts catalogue  gives 242825 as the part number and three are needed for each leaf spring so that's 12!

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I always do a quick check for SUPERCESSION  ,  using LR Series 

same part - just s/s.


s/s  most often the reason is a change of design or manufacturer as OEM / spares supply.  Q.C.  for traceability for returned defectives.

Originally - well back in last century , the OEM would be Metalastic  ,  Trelleborg was probably a supplier, in the days before  BRITPART  (Border Supplies).   Approx.  40 years ago - I purchased sets of new petrol & diesel engine/gearbox mounting rubbers , both genuine & BRITPART , to me they were the same manufacturer , even with the same purple felt tip stroke for a  "pass" inspection .   I suspect that if you purchased genuine bushes you would get same as BRITPART supplied -  & probably made in India.  

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btw  -  if I knock out a rubber bush , it seems always a chassis bush rather than a spring.   Serious tub payload overloads ,  squeaking , jack up & use of pry-bars  LoL   Bolts are best occasionally  pulled and inspected  (you can find heavy step wear caused by bush liner tube, factory never greased them) .  I apply graphite of MoS2  .  CV joint grease.

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1 hour ago, LarryH57 said:

Looking at the L:wt Parts catalogue, it suggests I need 12 of these items - Correct?

Well - if that is what it states - it is one of those errors.

I am ref. to Parts book civvy April 1982  (88" = same as Lwt)

Each spring has two quantity  =  total of 8 qty.  548205

You need two qty.  REAR chassis bushes (if required)   569746

And two FRONT chassis bushes ,  IIRC - a little longer in length  =  569746

Front bushes tend to be a bit more expensive for 'genuine'  -  why  ?

Probably FRONT not changed as often as REAR - smaller production runs.

Before starting - best launch the boat and get all the bushes and all the bolts (because you don't know if remaining serviceable until removed, they may be loose & worn , they may be rusted solid and threads get torn removing from shackle plates + shackle plate threads get damaged  / plate holes worn, so you may need one or more of these,  best to get  12 qty. new Nylock nuts.

The MOT Examiner does lever & check for wear - but it his best opinion at the time only.

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btw  -  replacing chassis bushes is a PITA  ,  some use a gas-axe to burn the rubber out .  I normally chain drill / use a hole saw from both sides & cut out.  Then taking time , use die-grinder , hacksaw, files to split the outer sleeve without damaging the chassis tube.  Just pray you don't have a loose chassis bush that has worn the tube .  Go easy cleaning any rust , don't use a flap-wheel as it removed metal as well as rust & you need a transition/slight interference fit to pull the new bushes into.

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30 minutes ago, David Herbert said:


You have used the same part number - 569746 for both front and rear chassis bushes, presumably not what you intended ?


RTC9841CC  dated  April 1982

Page  1J 17

The REAR  -  CHASSIS  bush  - is stated  as 548205 , then  years ago I scrubbed it out in light pencil, then again marked as CORRECT  with my words 'short bush at rear'.   I should have used a rubber.

So yes,  Larry's L'wt book is correct -  10 qty.   548205 are needed. (subject of supercession)

The FRONT = bush 569746   2  qty.   (longer because of the different inner shackle plate with welded on ferrule.

For some reason - the  standard 109" page I also penciled the rear chassis bush 548205 , as wrong & should have rubbed it out.


I have another civvy parts  book , I believe the latest S3 Edition  ?  - later I will check that.


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15 hours ago, LarryH57 said:

Also Fulltilt rather than waste a new post on leaf spring bushes, are the Britpart ones at say £1.60 each just good as the Genuine LR ones at c.£6 each. I'm having the 'leafers' done soon on my Lwt as well as the tyres? I am told I need 4 x 548205 but strangely the Lwt Parts catalogue  gives 242825 as the part number and three are needed for each leaf spring so that's 12!

Reading this again , it seems there is a error with  12 qty.   Seems it should read 10 qty. as the front chassis bushes are longer..

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4 hours ago, LarryH57 said:

Thanks for this ; so for clarity 1 need to order 10 x  548205 and 2 x 569746.

I have the correct springs and bolts and nuts 

Correct , just check no 'genuine'  supercessions , also sometimes the aftermarket continue with the older number / sometimes genuine / aftermarket NOS still available. .  Often - the newer the number the higher the   £  price !

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