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New owner of a 1943 GTB Mk II model II S, Incomplete Project

Wild Bill

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Hello All ,

I am new here as I Just bought  a 1943 MK II ,Model II S , GTB ...Model # 103480 , Serial Number 199044 ... No body, or Crane frame on it  , seems to have not come with a Winch ( Not one on it ) but has the ID Tag for one  ?? .. Less the 3K miles on the odometer ..Still 6 Volt Positive Ground ... Engine Runs ,Trans shifts , 2 W& 4X4 work fine ..

Any insight or info would be helpful ..

Thanks Wild Bill

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Nice to hear of another Ford (Model) GTB going into preservation If you’re unsure what version you have and there’s no rear body then take a look after the break master cylinder. Is there a Hydro-Vac-Unit if yes, it’s a cargo body version if not are there helper springs on the rea axle then it’s a Bomb Service Truck? If you have both then possibly a Wrecker. The first GTB’s were single wheels all round with 3-prototypes built one being reworked into Navy Specification twin rear wheels and the first with winch.

GTB – S general service with and without winch

GTB – A bomb service truck with and without winch

GTB – B wrecker with winch

Total 15,274 all models

Interesting you mention positive ground I thought that should be negative ground attached to 120-ahr battery mind you the fuel tank on a GS is quite flat mounted outside of the right had frame while a bomb service truck is mounted centrally between the frames – enjoy your GTB they are fun to drive

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Looks likely that you have a GTBC .We have a collection of them the GTBC that we restored is USN 103247 a bit before yours  . As Bas said all Gtb where neg earth .We do have some parts .Depending on the body you want to put on it . Hard parts to find( petrol tank .  Spare wheel carriers. Pas seat.Rear body for cargo . Chain hoist -hand winch for bomb service..Most Jeep electric parts will work not starter. Pictures would help .Tony corbin


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